This was the best massage I've had in years! I'd recommend Iona to anyone anytime. I like deep tissue massage as I have a lot of muscular tension and I found her technique very thorough and intuitive. The effects carried on working for a few days afterwards as I carried on releasing the tension. Heavenly!
Exeptionally talented woman with magic healing hands...wonderful practitioner, will definitely be seeing her regularly! Very grateful indeed :)
I have had more than one treatment with Iona and every one has been wonderful. I was suffering from jet lag on return from Australia last year and she gave me a reflexology treatment that literally cured me with one treatment. She has a brilliant and intuitive way of knowing exactly what you and your body needs without any words needed. She makes you feel welcome calm and safe and is always incredibly professional. Definitely go see her.
Fearn - Brighton
I brought my nan 4 massages for her birthday last year as she was having pain in her neck and shoulders. Iona visited her at her flat with a massage chair that was easy for my nan to get on and off. My nan loved the massages, they really helped and overall I was really impressed!
Sam - Shoreham 
Wonderful therapist! I wouldn't go anywhere else!
Rosie - Lewes
I highly recommend Iona's aromatherapy massage - I've had massages before but never with the added scents - I had 10 sessions and Iona matched each one to scents according to how I felt. I didn't know much about the emotional connection to aromatherapy but it really helped me - I was going through a hard break up and had a lot of tension emotional and physical - the massages really helped me through a hard time! Thanks!!!
Emily - Shoreham